My heartfelt family project

I’M working on a project at the moment that started out (some six months ago) as a happy, joyous project and something I hoped would be a family-building project. Recent events have turned this project into a heartbreaking race against the clock and I’m terrified I won’t get it done in time…

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REVIEW: Kez’s Kitchen expands gluten free range

Kez's KitchenSPONSORED POST: Gluten-free products aren’t only for the wheat intolerant consumers among us. I know a growing number of people who have no dietary issues and are are enjoying these products. Partly this is due to GF products becoming more available and partly because they are getting even tastier! Introducing Kez’s Free range of GF biscuits from Kez’s Kitchen.

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Have you heard about Mummy’s Wish?

Mummy's Wish helps families battling cancerA CANCER diagnosis can flatten a whole family, especially when it’s mum who is sick. Mums do so much that when something goes seriously wrong, the wheels can fall off for a while. If you’re lucky, you have a close-knit community around you and extended family who will be able to support you with getting kids to school, lunches made, household chores done. But not everyone does, or often family and friends can only do so much, and that’s when Mummy’s Wish steps in to the breach.

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Freebie Friday – Milo Healthy Bones Halloween Giveaway

Healthy Bones AustraliaGIVEAWAY: Healthy Bones Australia is a public health program designed to teach people about how to maintain good bone health. It is an initiative of Osteoporosis Australia and is being supported by Milo, with a Halloween promotion. I really like the PR match here – bone health and Halloween (skeletons). I think it’s cute! So I’m supporting their initiative. And giving away a Halloween pack!

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Posted in Food, Giveaways | Tagged | 4 Comments offers tips and tricks for managing children’s behaviour is a great behaviour management tool for parentsMOTIVATING a small child to complete a sequence of events such as the jobs to get ready for school – eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, brush hair, get school bag ready – can be difficult. I’ve found a tool that helps with that quest.
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The ethics of the freebie and paying for what you consume

WHO doesn’t love a freebie? I certainly love a freebie. In these cash-strapped times, getting something for nothing is a little mini jackpot, or little Lotto win, and there’s nobody who doesn’t want a Lotto win, right? But are we in danger of taking our love of the freebie too far? Is there such a thing as an unethical freebie?  Continue reading

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Review: Baker’s Delight Fresh Pizza Bases

Baker's Delight fresh pizza basesSPONSORED POST: About a year ago I went through a stage where I was making my own pizza bases. I meant to blog about it, but I didn’t get around to it. The liberating freedom of being able to make my own pizza bases was thrilling. It was so easy!! And it was a simple matter of…

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An insider’s view on the new powers for school principals to exclude students

Government gives school principals increased powers to suspend and expelGUEST BLOG: I know a lovely blogger who works in an area of the government that makes it impossible for them to post this on their own site. I am posting it for them here. This person has insights and coalface experience relevant to the new powers the Queensland government has handed to school principals.

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Why I let my young children roam the neighbourhood alone

Raising resilient kids by letting them roam our neighbourhoodToday I had my own Lenore Skenazy moment. Who’s Lenore Skenazy? Lenore Skenazy is the mum who left her nine-year-old in Bloomingdale’s (deliberately) to find his own way home to Brooklyn on the subway and bus. Now, I didn’t leave my kids (ages 8, 7 and 5)  in the Queen Street Mall, but I sent them off to walk a circuitous route, unaccompanied, on an errand.  Am I a terrible mother? Let’s discuss. Continue reading

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Breastfeeding mum shooed away at Westfield Chermside cafe, she says

Westfield breastfeeding issueWESTFIELD Chermside is a stone’s throw from me and is my local shopping centre. This was posted on Westfield Chermside’s Facebook page yesterday by an upset breastfeeding mum. I have included Westfield’s response.

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